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Understanding YouTube Video Ranking, Channel Performance & Metrics

youtube video ranking, Understanding YouTube Video Ranking, Channel Performance & Metrics
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In the quest to find relatable and helpful content, YouTube ranks right after Google as the second largest search engine globally. For brands and content creators who rely on video as a key part of their overall strategy, ample work and resources would have been invested in setting up and running a YouTube channel.

Our previous posts have provided a roadmap for starting and succeeding with your YouTube channel. We have explored how YouTube effectively deployed can impact your bottom line positively by pushing video content that converts o sales.

While YouTube offers a chance to engage with your customers and get insights into your product fit, you can go deeper to find answers to audience behavior, content performance and content suggestions using YouTube Analytics. This provides data that allows you to improve the performance of your videos.

If you’re looking to improve your performance, today’s post explores key metrics to monitor and deploy for your YouTube Channel.

With so much video content on display across various platforms, you have a limited window to make and sustain an impression. Getting constant engagement is a surefire way to validate your content strategy. It also portends profitability with customers who constantly engage with your content more likely to convert into paying customers and also brand advocates; sharing your brand values and products with other people.

Choosing engagement metrics to track requires a targeted and measured approach. You must decide which ones directly relate to your business and the goals you are trying to achieve. The Overview tab offers a breakdown of your channel and video performance. At a glance, you can see a summary of the statistics driving performance of specific videos or your channel in general. You are able to see watch time, views, and subscriber metrics for your channel.

Here are some of the most common (and most important) user engagement metrics.

Accessing the YouTube Dashboard

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, select Analytics.
  3. The Overview tab will appear by default.

Key Youtube metrics

The key metrics on the Overview tab shows the overall performance of your channel with watch time, views, and subscriber metrics:Watch time: This refers to the amount of time a viewer spends watching a video.


This is the number of people or accounts that has subscribed to your channel. The number of subscribers often correlates with the amount of influence a channel has. Getting more subscribers can help your channel maximize organic reach which often correlates with the amount of influence the channel acquires over time.

Watch Time

Watch time (Views x Average View Duration) is the total accumulated amount of time, viewers spent watching your video on your channel. Average View Duration is one of the most important metric of YouTube, this metric signals how long your videos bring people to YouTube and retain them. Here are the four hidden “Watch Time Metric”:

  • Session Starts is the number of individual YouTube viewing sessions your videos started.
  • Session Duration is the aggregate amount of time viewers spend visiting your YouTube channel, watch and engage with your videos.
  • Session Ends is the accumulated viewing sessions, when viewers click off YouTube.
  • Upload Frequency is the number of time you upload video into YouTube.


The number of sustained views for your channels or videos.

The interface is easy to understand with video icons showing time stamps that indicate when you published videos. Revenue data is also provided if you are a member of YouTube’s Partner Program. Further clicks will reveal your impressions and impressions click-through rate data. 

You can also see the key metrics card while viewing other YouTube Analytics tabs such as the Reach and Interest tabs. This provides key statistics relating to a specified goal. If you’re viewing analytics for your entire channel, you can click SEE MORE additional metrics from any tab.

Realtime activity

This helps you to monitor early performance results of your video. From their initial performance, you can revise your promotion strategy and improve your reach with targeted marketing. The Realtime activity report also captures estimated views across your most viewed videos.

The best thing about the Realtime activity report is how specific it can get depending on your needs. The report can be used to gauge your entire channel performance or narrowed to see how specific videos are performing. By simply selecting “see more” you can expand the report to see a longer list of videos.  You will also be able to access performance comparisons over a particular period and have data easily sorted into different columns.

Data display and accuracy

Realtime activity data covers general metrics on your video as they happen. There may be a lapse if you compare your video’s watch page and Realtime activity report but it’s nothing to worry about as the report automatically updates but it might take some minutes from when a view happens to when it reflects on the report.

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Other Metrics to know

Audience RetentionThis is the metric that displays the average view duration of your video people watched. Youtube uses this metric to increase visibility on of your videos.
ImpressionsThe number of times your thumbnails were shown to viewers per 1000 on YouTube through registered impressions.
Impressions click-through-rateA metric that measures the number of clicks, divided by the number of thumbnail impressions as seen on YouTube.. In simple terms,  if your thumbnail displays is 1,000 times on YouTube and 200 people click on the thumbnail, the click through rate will be 20%.
Likes (vs. dislikes)This metric measures the percentage of likes/dislikes on your videos, which expresses viewer’s feedback to your content.
Traffic SourcesTraffic source is a metric that defines the origin of the channel source through which people found your video.
CommentsThe number of legitimate direct feedback from your viewers, indicating how your content answer their questions.
Revenue Measures the estimated earnings on youtube.

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