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The Dos and Dont’s of Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy
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Content can make or break your business. 85 percent of Americans go online at least once a day. 31 percent say they are online throughout the entire day.

These people are making searches and reading articles. They are a goldmine that you can tap into with the right content marketing strategy.

But many people aren’t aware of how important content marketing can be. They write blog posts and shoot videos, but they never get anything out of it. This is because they are making basic marketing mistakes.

You should familiarize yourself with what to do right and wrong. Once you have, you can create a truly great marketing campaign. Here are the dos and dont’s of marketing through Internet content.

Do Some Research

Before you write a single word, you need to read. You should first look at the audience you have.

Find out their demographics. Younger people prefer content with more visuals, including videos. Older people can read through longer content without photographs.

Find out what other accounts they follow. Read the content of those accounts. See what they have in common with you.

Take a look at your competitors’ content. Take a note of their writing style and the topics they choose. Write down the qualities you want to emulate.

Research different platforms you can share your content on. You are not limited to videos and blog posts. You can make infographics, podcasts, and eBooks.

Do Not Copy Your Competitors

You want to emulate the qualities of your competitors that you admire. But you don’t want to copy their efforts.

Many companies post similar articles to each other. This keeps the companies from developing their voices. A customer cannot decide which one they should buy from, and they may just pick the first one they see.

Find a gap in your competitors’ subjects. Then fill the gap with your content.

Under no circumstances should you ever plagiarize. All search engines rank plagiarized content low on search results. Some remove them from being accessed.

Your research does not end when you start writing. You should look at the content of your competitors on a regular basis.

You should check your analytics pages every week or so to see how your content is doing. Adjust your content based on what is doing well.

Do Try out Several Formats

65 percent of people are visual learners. They learn by seeing someone demonstrate a skill, rather than reading a description of that skill.

To attract these people, you need to engage in several content formats. Your written blog posts can remain at the core of your SEO strategy.

But experiment with infographics. These are small visuals that provide an overview of a topic or service. You can provide important statistics or facts that clarify an issue.

Shoot videos demonstrating a service you provide. Avoid speaking too much during your videos. Show how you operate and what your audience can do to help themselves out.

Try out podcasts. Give a few step-by-step guides of services your audience can perform at home. Try interviewing important people in your industry.

Within blog posts, you can try out a few different things. Listicles are easy to digest and fun to write.

Case studies provide stories that you can use to show your intelligence. You tell the story of a customer who worked with you and solved a problem. They are great for brand development.

Do Not Publish Weak Content

You should experiment with the content you put out. But one of the most common content mistakes is publishing something just to publish something. Quality is more important than quantity or variety.

You should draft out each of your blog posts at least once. At a minimum, you should check for spelling and grammar. Typos make you look unprofessional and invite visitors to click away.

Your posts should flow naturally from start to finish. Start broad in your introduction, with an exciting hook that draws the reader in.

Talk about an issue in clear detail in your body paragraphs. Adopt several strategies of writing engaging content.

Use subheadings to create an easy roadmap for your article. Write in active voice and simple sentences to keep your content short and crisp. Include keywords relevant to your reader, but fit them naturally into sentences.

In your conclusion, summarize everything you’ve written with a few sentences. Then include a call-to-action with a link to your products or contact page.

Do Assess the Needs of Your Audience

Nearly all Internet users want one of three things. The first thing that people want is an answer to their question. They want a fact that resolves a point of uncertainty that they have.

The second thing is that they want to inform a decision. They are thinking about buying a product, but they don’t know which one to choose. They need information that will help them find the best one.

The third thing is that they want products. They have decided on a product that they do want to buy. They are looking for a place where they can buy it.

Every piece of content you produce should satisfy at least one of these needs. Infographics are a good way of resolving the first need. They provide a fact with minimal exposition.

Blog posts and videos resolve the second need. You can go into details that will encourage your audience make a decision.

You should not make purely promotional content. But you can resolve the third need by linking to your products page at the bottom of your posts.

You can assess the needs of individuals by reading their comments. If someone asks you a question over Twitter, respond to it as soon as possible. If you notice that many people ask the same question, consider making some content on it.

What to Do for Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are some things you should and shouldn’t do in your content marketing strategy. You should do research, looking into your target audience and your competitors. You should not cover the subjects of your competitors’ blogs.

You should experiment with formats like infographics. But you should not post weak content. Each piece of content you make should cover your audience’s needs, including questions about your services.

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