How To Compete with Big Brands, Like Amazon by Gaining Google Trust

How To Compete With Amazon By Gaining Google Trust
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One of the best ways to ensure that your Web site is being seen is to gain Google’s trust and improve your “TrustRank.” This is the measure of trust you get from other sites, including Google. If Google trusts your site, you will be shown as one of the first few results when a user searches keywords. By developing this trust, marketing professionals and managers can compete with big brands such as Amazon and progress their business even farther.

It isn’t always easy to develop trust with Google, and it can be a slow process. Google will never trust your Web site at first, and you and your site will have to earn it. It’s a slow process because Google algorithms use more than 200 different factors to evaluate and rank Web sites. This might seem overwhelming, but there are ways to speed up the process and gain Google’s trust. Web site and business owners, marketing professionals, and SEO specialists can use these tips to gain Google trust, making them competitive among big brands.

  • Grow Your Brand

Implementing SEO will achieve better rankings and gain you more exposure. Every marketing professional knows this. However, spending your time overloading your site with keywords takes away from building your brand. Establish your company as the place for what your audience wants and needs. This will help communicate your value to both your customers and to Google.

  • Link up with other Web sites

Having trusted Web sites refer their customers to your site or brand will strengthen your backlink profile, but this also makes you appealing. Google’s ideal version of the Internet is that everything and everyone is connected and refers from one Web site to another. Linking out to other Web sites, especially those with high brand authority, will raise your chances of gaining Google’s trust.

  • Domain information should be trustworthy

The length of time a Web site owner has had the domain name registered plays a huge part in gaining Google’s trust. It shows them you are planning to stay in the game for a while and improves your authority. A public Whois profile also helps, because it shows you aren’t hiding anything. It also helps Google to see that you are a legitimate Web site and aren’t spam. Make sure to add the Whois contact information on your site as it not only opens connections to your customers but also because Google seems to approve of this move.

  • Improve your Web site

Your on-site SEO is everything you do to improve your Web site’s ranking. You should add a schema, optimize keyword meta descriptions, and keep your code clean. Not only does this improve your ranking, it also improves your trustworthiness. Make the user experience as easy as possible. Free your Web site of broken links, and make it mobile friendly. Add a few essentials, such as an About Page, terms of service, privacy policy, and affiliate disclaimers.

  • Show your credibility

Show how you are the expert in your field. Label what makes you different. Include good user reviews and do all that you can to avoid bad ones. The reviews are a record of a your credibility, and Google will look at that while building its trust.

  • Content, content, content

The three main components Google’s algorithm focuses on is expertise, authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, or EAT. Content should be accurate, comprehensive, valuable, and informative.

Gaining Google’s trust will ensure you share top spots with big name brands like Amazon. It should be one of the first steps in your marketing strategy.

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