How to Boost Your Website Local SEO

Local SEO
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Boosting your local SEO is very critical for small online business. About 80% of your local customers search to find local information on businesses. That means if your business is not fully optimized for local searches, you would be losing that large chunk of tour target customer base.

How could your business survive on that? However, to boost your website’s local SEO, we have made this detailed guide that tips and guidelines to boosting local SEO and boosting your business.


1. Your Content Must Be Clear:

“Content is King”, Frost-Dean says. However, clarity and accuracy of content is a much more important factor to search engines in ranking your business. Nowadays, search engines have a much more enhanced keyword matching functionalities, which allows you the advantage to focus your content on your audience rather than writing for the search engine. In this way, you can dedicate each page on your website around each service of product you offer and include keywords naturally which both makes your content clearer and easier to read by your target audience and fulfills the keyword matching requirement by the Search Engine effectively boosting your website local SEO. To learn more at the ways search engines look at keywords, you should look at tis webinar on 5 Things to Know About Keywords & SEO.

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2. Placing Your Business On The Page One Of Search Engines

Getting your business to show up on Page one of search engines is fundamental. Why? Because ask yourself when was the last time you clicked on the second or third page on a Google search results engine? That’s literally the Dark Web, nobody does that. Your business is your organic potted plant, it’ll perish in the dark. Now, here’s how to make that plant rank high on the Page One of the internet organically:

  • Ask for reviews: Most popular sites like Google and Yelp consider reviews as a fundamental functionality. Reviews constitute some of the most valuable factor your business page should have in enhancing its organic ranking.
  • Mobile-friendliness: 80% of local search is done on mobile devices, if your website isn’t optimized for local search, you can as well close up shop. You should make it exceedingly easy and fluid to move around your website by making sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Information accuracy: discrepancies in spellings, wrong addresses, wrong phone number etc. prove extremely problematic when Search engines try to rank your website SEO because when information about business is incorrect, your business may not show up in search results.

It’ll also interest you to know that boosting organic ranking of your website SEO on search engines takes considerably longer periods of time than other forms of digital marketing, so your best bet should be combining your SEO strategies which boost efforts with keywords and topics with your paid strategies. This would not only accelerate the SEO ranking process but allows you to provide more relevant content about your products and services, strengthening your website on a more comprehensive level.

3. Be Consistent:

Ensure that your names, address, phone number online are consistent all across your pages. In order to do this, you need to set up NAP (which stands for Name, Address and Phone number) with your area code. This should be included as crawlable HTML on your website. You should never commit the error of duplicating information or putting up outdated information. Nothing kills your online presence faster than that. Consistent information will always drive more traffic to your business website.

4. Be Transparent:

Another fundament factor in boosting your local SEO is transparency. This is why it is important to work with an SEO company that provides clear and transparent reporting and helps you go through your information on a regular basis. This is because SEO rank boosting takes time, you should know what your company is doing to help your business and to determine whether you’re still right on course or your strategy needs restructuring in order for you to get to your goals in the fastest and efficient ways possible.



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