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How To Boost Your Site Ranking With Internal Links

internal linking strategy
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The important part of your website’s SEO is to re-examine and improve internal linking on a regular basis. Improving the quality of your internal links help Google understand:
  • The importance and relevance of your pages.
  • The relationship between various pages.
  • The value of your site pages.

To set up internal linking structure on your site, you should consider your goals and the site structure. We have outlined the following for you to follow:

1. Create an ideal website structure

Search engines uses the site structure to search, crawl, index and rank contents your website. A well structured website makes it easy for Google to easily crawl and index your website. Starting from the top with your homepage, while below should be some categories, and down the hierarchic are sub-categories (individual posts and pages).

2. Determine Your Most Important Content

The core of your business is determining the best and most important content on your site is to help people find relevant information to their query when searching for topics, products or services your business offer to prospective audience.

You have to let Google know the most essential content on your website by adding links from your post’s copy to your navigation within your site using cornerstone.

3. Enabling Your Most Important Content

Contextual links help user to navigate to different URLs based on chosen keywords attribute. Linking back from the main article to these posts. Understanding your cornerstone content and adding links to the individual post will help Google it contains relevant information to rank it.

4. Organized Hierarchy Of Site Pages

It means defining the hierarchy of your website pages, linking main parent pages to its child or sub-categories pages and vice versa. A well-organized site should have a clear and consistent navigation menu to help users to navigate the site. Linking the most vital part of your website enhances user experience and improve ranking.

5. Add Related Post To Your Post Section

Adding related posts is a great way to keep your audience and site visitors engaged. You can add related post to any section of your post or blog by using plugins to add impressive related posts.

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