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Why Sitemap is Impo...
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Why Sitemap is Important! Do I Need A Sitemap?

Otis Aliemeke
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Yes, You might need a sitemap to help search engines understand your site:

sitemap allows the search engines crawlers to crawl pages of your website with more efficiency for indexing in the database. This will improve your Search Engine Optimization as it makes it easier for search spiders to detect all the content you want search engines to discover and ranked on your website.


1. Sitemap offers search engine crawlers a complete map of all pages on a site.

2. It makes sure that your site have a clean hierarchy and taxonomy for search engines to follow.

3. It defines specific value of your website to search algorithms.

4. It makes it easy and faster for search engine to find your content and move it up in the crawl queue for indexing and ranking.

5. Increases your site search engine visibility.

6. Improve natural way of driving traffic to a web page and increase page authority.

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