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Why Backlinks Are I...
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Why Backlinks Are Important For Your Ranking and Site Visibility(SEO)

Otis Aliemeke
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Backlinks are links from other websites or directories, pointing back to your website. It's also known as inbound links.

The more backlinks pointing to your website the better the website will perform on search engine results pages. The more relevant and higher the quality of your backlinks, could potentially increase your chances of ranking higher in search result pages.

Google and other search engines sees backlink as a recommendation and place value to inbounds link from high domain authority website pointing to your site. The higher the number of quality backlinks pointing to your website, the more credible the search engines will perceive your website and eventually improve it rankings.

As part of your backlink building strategy, focus on QUALITY and RELEVANCE. Target sites with domain authority that are higher than your site. Low quality or spammy backlinks can hurt your site ranking. I would rather have 20 natural high-quality backlinks than to have 1000 low-quality link that could affect my rankings.

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