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7 Link Building Strategies That’ll Benefit Your Business

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Nearly 80% of search engine users never look beyond the first page of results. If you’re not reaching the first page of a Google search, your competitors likely are. Consumers are visiting their website instead of yours.

With link-building strategies, you can boost your ranking and reach the top of the page.

The higher you rank, the more customers you’ll reach! Meanwhile, you can get ahead of competitors, boost sales, and establish your credibility.

Ready to give your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy a boost this year? Get started with this SEO link-building strategy guide today!

1. Diversify With Different Links

Many companies make the mistake of focusing on one type of link. Instead, try to diversify your links. Generating different links can help you boost your SEO ranking.

One of the most important types of links are those from high-authority websites. High-authority websites already have Google’s trust. The more authority a link has, the more authority you can gain in turn.

You can also generate links that contain your content’s target keyword. Keyword-rich anchor text shows Google the content is relevant to the user’s search.

There are also “doFollow” and “noFollow” links. Google ignores pages that have “noFollow” links. These can include paid ads, press releases, and blog comments.

However, you shouldn’t ignore these links entirely.

Remember, you want to diversify your link-building strategy.

Try to gain links from websites that aren’t already linking to your site. Otherwise, Google will notice if the same website links to you repeatedly.

These link-building strategies will show Google other websites and people trust your content. As you attract more backlinks, your SEO ranking can improve.

2. Create Link-Worthy Content

You’re 434% more likely to rank on search engines if you have a blog. Businesses that blog gather 67% more leads than others. In fact, active blogs generate 97% more links, too!

As you develop your SEO link-building strategy, consider your content marketing strategy, too. What type of content are you creating? Try different formats, including:

  • Lists
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys

Are you formatting your content for featured snippets? Featured snippets appear at the top of search pages, before organic results. Formatting your content for these posts can boost your ranking.

Remember, a higher ranking can boost brand awareness, credibility, trust, and recognition. As people learn to recognize your brand, they’ll visit your website directly.

Make sure your content responds to the user’s search intent. What questions are they asking? How can you solve their problems and questions?

Google prioritizes content that appeals to the user’s search intent.

Creating high-quality content will encourage more people to link to your website. Then, you can gain more backlinks and boost your ranking!

Repurpose and Syndicate

Take a look at your existing blog content. Can you reformat one piece into another?

For example, maybe you have a post that’s full of statistics. Recreate it into an infographic! Now you have a new post, allowing you to boost your reach.

You can syndicate your content to third-party websites, too.

Content syndication can help you gain referral traffic, email subscribers, and loyal readers.

3. Reach Out

As part of your external link-building strategy, have an outreach program in place as well.

Without an outreach strategy, you might struggle to generate backlinks from high-authority websites.

Create a template message and an elevator pitch for your content. Then, adjust your template to ensure it’s personalized for each website. Send a message to high-authority sites within your niche promoting your content.

Reaching out to other websites will boost brand awareness. Focus on people who have mentioned your target keyword in their own articles. Look for people who have linked to similar articles on the same topic, too.

4. Vet Before You Guest Blog

About 80% of Google’s search engine algorithm uses off-page factors. These are ranking factors outside of your website that you don’t have control over. Off-page factors can include created, built, and natural links.

Created links include directories, forums, and press releases. You usually don’t need to use outreach to build these links.

Built links, however, you do need to earn. You can work with a journalist or PR expert for these links. Creating ad campaigns to advertise your content works, too.

Natural links can include someone linking to your blog post on social media or a blog.

You can also use guest blogging as part of your link-building strategy.

Guest blogging allows you to create content for another website. Then, you can link to your website within that post. This strategy allows you to expand your reach.

Readers will become more aware of your website, brand, and expertise.

Look for websites within your niche that have “write for us” pages. Make sure to create a strong pitch for your content to entice websites to share your posts!

5. Link Internally, Too

Don’t forget internal links. Internal links send readers on your website to other pages on your site. For example, you can link to a product page or contact page.

Internal linking can boost your clickthrough rate and dwell time. These metrics can impact your SEO ranking.

6. Look for Broken Links

Explore other websites within your niche. Then, find a broken link on that website. Create content that’s similar to the broken resource.

Then, ask the website using the broken link if they want to share your content instead.

Sometimes, websites will mention your business without linking to your website. Ask them to link to your blog! That way, you can generate links to your site.

You can use tools like Ahrefs’ Site Explore to get started.

7. Grow Your Personal Brand

Do you want more websites to link to your content? Become a go-to resource within your industry. Focus on your personal branding this year.

Develop a brand that people rely on for helpful information. Offer your unique experiences and expertise to your target audience.

Give people a reason to rely on you for information and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Stronger SEO: 7 Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Rankings

Want to boost your business this year? Give these seven SEO link-building strategies a try! With these tips, you can rank higher on Google and reach more customers.

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